Conditions of Use

What Are Backup Discs:
These are printed "back-up" cd discs of the remix set(s).
The UK Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1998 specifically allows the making of back-up copies of software, music cd's etc, but only providing it is for lawful use!
1,The services that we provided on this web site are strictly to back up your audio remix sets cd's, to which you claim to currently own and wish to protect from damage.
2,These duplicates are allowed under British copyright law and you are entitled to this service by law.
3,We provide this as a service, we will not be held accountable for the purchasers' use of our back-ups.
4,You take full responsibility for your own actions when using these back-ups and release us from all "liabilities that may arise, expressed, written or implied". By complying with these regulations it allows us (the service provider) to duplicate and you (the consumer) to receive the right to use back-ups.
5,By purchasing "backup replacement discs" from us you are agreeing that you have previously purchased these sets from the original remix company (who are sadly no longer in operation) or through ourselves and you are buying these back-up cd sets to replace items which have become damaged over time.
By placing an order with Forthpalm Music on this website you agree in full to the above statement and agree not to hold Forthpalm Music or the owners of the website liable for any loss which may be incurred by purchasing or using any of the products listed for sale. 
Promotional sets are not intended for the general public so by purchasing any of these sets you are agreeing that you are / were a working dj, radio programmer, bar or club owner and the purchase is to replace an existing disc which has become unplayable and a replacement is not available from the original remix company.
We only offer replacement backup discs from companies which have closed and there is therfore no longer any method of obtaining a replacement. Please do not ask for copies of DMC, Music Factory, Mastermix, Ultimix etc as these companies are still providing an excellent service and should be able to provide you with replacements.
If you are the copyright holder of any works which we offer here and would prefer us to remove any set please contact us and this will be done immediately.
Shipping / postage:
We believe in offering customers, no matter where they are in the world, a fair price for shipping and handling. We therefore charge by the "weight" of the items being purchased.
Once you select any items and complete the Paypal box you will be shown the shipping /postage to your part of the planet.
Once you click on the "buy now with paypal" button you will be taken to the Paypal payment site which is 100% secure (as you would if buying an item through eBay etc) to complete the purchase.
If you do not already have a Paypal account that is no problem as the Paypal system will let you pay by any credit or debit card without the need to become a Paypal account holder.
We have no access to any of the details which you provide to Paypal during this process.
Lost or missing items in the post:
We obtain a "proof of shipping / posting" for ALL of our orders!
If an order goes missing we will do all we can to locate the parcel but unless you have chosen an "insured" or "signed for" option for shipping, this can be a pretty impossible task. 
If you make a claim that a parcel has never arrived and have not chosen "insured" post we will try and make a claim against the post office (since we have proof that the package was shipped) but if they decline a refund then sadly so must we. We have never had a parcel go missing yet though!
FAULTY ITEMS: We will only accept back your purchase if the item is faulty. 
You will have to pay for the return shipping and we would advise you to get a "proof of shipping / posting" or send it by "recorded mail" as refunds will not be given otherwise. All of our vinyl is cleaned & checked before being shipped but sometimes "skips" or "jumps" on vinyl cannot be seen visually and so there may be an odd occasion when titles are shipped with these faults unbeknown to ourselves.
If we accept any returned item which is not faulty, the buyer then pays for all return shipping and packing costs as well as the original shipping fee.
Any returns must be authorized before you send it back - Please email us with your problem - we may be able to help.

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