Disconet Dance Classics Vol 1: BACKUP CD


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Disconet Dance Classics CD 1 (CD)

01. Bananarama "Love In The First Degree"
Penthouse Dub by Steven Von Blau & Mike Carroll

02. Janet Jackson "The Pleasure Principle"
Megamix by Tuta Aquino & Roger Pauletta

03. Depeche Mode "Behind The Wheel"
Powermix by Dennis Muyet

04. Rainey "I Can Fly"
The Final Voyage / Megamix by Steven Von Blau & Mark Styles

05. Tantra "Hills Of Katmandu"

06. Hazell Dean "You're My Rainbow"

07. Whitney Houston "Love Will Save The Day"
Disconet Edit by Mike Carroll

08. Mark Styles "Jump (Part II)"

09. Double Dee & Steinski "Lesson Two"

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