DEPECHE MODE the 12.5th strike - mixes: BACKUP CD


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DEPECHE MODEĀ  the 12.5th strike aka stike 13 : BACKUP CD

THE TWELVE 1/2th STRIKE (there is no 13th Strike)

1 Little 15 (Opera Remix)
2 All The Things You Said (Harmony Mix) A remix of "The Things You Said".
3 One Caress ('94 Remix)
4 World In My Eyes (Distortion Remix)
5 DPM-Mix Actually the On-USound DPM Megamix 2.
6 On USound Mix Actually the On-USound DPM Megamix 1.
7 Halo (Unr. 12" Version) 911 remix service remix.
8 Ice-Machine (Shake-Mix)
9 Enjoy The Silence (Rub-A-Dub-Mix)
10 Enjoy The Silence (Ricki-Tik-Tik-Mix)
Same mix as commercially released, except cut at the beginning.

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This CD has some great mixes, some available elsewhere, and some that aren't too
remarkable. Here's my breakdown:
1,2,3,4,8 = great new mixes!
7,9 = okay new mix
5,6,10 = available elsewhere
1 - A pretty good mix, with new beat and new instrumenation; kinda warbly opera sound in
the background throughout... may sound disgusting, but everything fits together nicely
2 - The beginning sounds like a whole song in itself, until Things You Said finally comes
into play. The beat isn't too fast, though it's paced well enough to make this song
dancable if you wanted to dance. I like it!
3 - Some instrumenation added to this one; no big pounding beat or anything. Great job;
great mix
4 - Mayhem Mode was the base for this one, I think, though more instrumentation was added.
Heavy bass beat comes in after a little bit.
7 - Cut & Paste mix, with a lot of stuttering used to try to create new beats. Nothing
new added. Okay mix, but nothing special.
8 - Hard beat added, sounds kinda corny at first, but once the song gets going, the beat
seems to fit. Mostly used cut & paste to make the song longer, but with the beat, it
turned out pretty good!
9 - Isn't this the Ecstatic Dub, with the first long "ding" removed from the beginning?

Final Verdict: A few things here aren't bad.

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