DEPECHE MODE the 14th strike - mixes: BACKUP CD


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DEPECHE MODE the 14th strike : BACKUP CD

"Compulsion" (Remix I)
"Things Must Change" (Remix 1995) A remix of "The Sun & The Rainfall".
"Compulsion II" (Shockwave Mix) Another remix of "Compulsion".
"In A Matter Of Speaking" (Trandy Mix)
"Smile In The Crowd" (Orirntal Mix) I didn't make a typo.
"Gone" (Tribal Remix)
"Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth" (Dub Line Mix)
"Motherless Child" (Dark Wave Mix)
"Walking In My Shoes" (911 Mix) A remix by the 911 Remix Service.
"Faith Healer" (Healed Mix) The mix is from the B side of the RECOIL "Faith
Healer" 7".
"Strangelove" (Future Mix) A remix from the Future Mix Remix Service.
"Masters & Servants" (Demo Version) This is "Master & Servant", taken from the crap
"Promotional" 2 CD bootleg compilation. Source unknown, but DEFINATELY not a demo. Sounds
like someone who just got a sampler is figuring out what it does, and poorly!

+ - + - + - + - + - + - + C O M M E N T S + - + - + - + - + - + - +

The layout, and mixes, appearing on this CD make it seem like it's the 14th Strike. You
might ask "14"? Well, there's 1-12, then the 12 « (theoretically 13), and then there's
this CD, but the only identifying mark on the CD is a 14. The mixing style stays in the
same feel as the 8-12 Strikes. If you liked those mixes, you might like these.
Great CD! A few of these tracks might be available elsewhere, but most of them
(specifically the well-done Counterfeit EP remixes) cannot be found anywhere else that I
know of! Bravo on these mixes!

Exceptions to the excelence:

Trck 9: *okay* mix. The first few notes are looped for a full 2 minutes, making you fall
asleep before you even hear the rest, which is pretty much the regular song.
Track 12: Cut & pasted together from the Voxless mix... it's the remixer's crappy demo,
not DM's, and not even worth listening to.

Final Verdict: I really like these!

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