DEPECHE MODE the 22nd strike - mixes: BACKUP CD


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DEPECHE MODE the 22nd strike : BACKUP CD

1 Policy Of Truth (Ambi Dub '98)
2 Love In Itself (Acoustic Mix)
3 World In My Eyes (Old School Club Mix)
4 Flexible (Latin Mix)
5 Enjoy The Silence (Psycho Electric Dub)
6 Happiest Girl (Pump Up The House Mix)
7 People Are People (Metal Edit)
8 Shake The Disease (Big Mix '98)
9 Pipeline (Chill Out Dub)

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Pretty good CD; better than your average bootleg. Mixes don't always provide a
significant change from the original, but the quality is great, and whoever did this knew
what they were doing.

1 Starts with the mix that has "I'm not a politician, I'm a business man", then
switches to a few other mixes. Not too bad, but not all that different from the regular
2 This is great! Starts off with just the trumpets in the background, which fades
away into Love in Itself 4. But there are more beats and stuff added to it. Still has
the sound of Love In Itself 4, but is a little livelier now.
3 Mostly the Dub in my Eyes mix, has Kraftwerk's Pocket Calculator at a few points.
Not that notable.
4 Has an added lick to it, and more snare drums. Some warbly sound effects in places.
Pretty catchy.
5 Uses the Harmonium Mix as a base, and adds a phased beat to it. Also some other
sounds added, and some remixing here and there; it's more than just Harmonium with a beat
laid over it. Good mix.
6 Different intro, uses Pump Up the Volume near the middle (including the words). Not
the same as the Razormaid Mix, but I think one of these 2 mixers got the idea from the
7 More metal added (hence the name). Very cluttered mix; has house-piano, trumpet-like sounds, all kinds of stuff. The verses are pretty much left alone, but in between
them is where all the new stuff happens. Final verdict? All right, it kicks ass.
8 Remixed, few things added, sounds a lot like the original extended versions.
9 Starts and ends with a thunderstorm. Some other high instrumentation added
throughout the song. Extra clanging. This is not the Kodo-Mix from The Eighth Strike,
though they sound similar by description. Excellent mix!

Final Verdict: If you like your mixes very similar to the original, this one is great!

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