DEPECHE MODE the 30th strike - mixes: BACKUP CD


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DEPECHE MODE the 30th strike : BACKUP CD

1 Only When I Lose Myself Josh Abraham Mix 4:26
2 It`s No Good Club 69 Funk Vocal Mix 8:52
3 It`s No Good BT Future House Mix 7:54
4 It`s No Good BT Trance Vocal Mix 9:41
5 It`s No Good BT Trance Dub Mix 8:54
6 Behind The Wheel/Route 66 Mega-Single Mix 4:14
7 Behind The Wheel/Route 66 Mega-Dub 6:14
8 Strangelove Mix Edit 3:51
9 Nothing US 7" Mix 3:59
10 Nothing Dub 6:40
11 Just Can`t Get Enough Musicfactory Mix 5:36

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Track 1 is starting to be on every bootleg now. Excellent mix!
Tracks 2-5 are some of the best ING mixes you will ever hear! Nothing like any of the
official versions, but they kick your ass like IFY's Afgahn Surger Mix! Some of these
appear on various other boots, too, because they rock!
Track 6 I'm not sure about. Track 7 is from the vinyl-only release of this mix, which came
with the Megamix (7:50), but I don't know where this Mega-Single Mix came from.
Apparently, it's just the shorter version of the Megamix, and if it was ever released as a
single, I don't know about it.
Track 8 I can't place... sounds just like the single, but the beginning isn't like any of
the official versions nor the Hijack mixes (starts off with 2 drumbeats, then the regular
song)... maybe from the video?
Track 9 I've never heard before. It's like a single mix of the Zip Hop Mix (released only
on vinyl).
Track 10 is only released on vinyl, which came with the Zip Hop Mix and the Highjack Mix
of Strangelove.
Track 11 is the No Source Mix from Gold Collection. Don't know why it was put on this
boot; doesn't seem to fit.

Final Verdict: It's a YES, especially for the BT mixes of It's No Good!

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